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Divide A Large Party Room Space in Your Facility

party room space

Screenflex Room Dividers Travel To The London Museum

Room Dividers For Crowd Control At The Orlando Airport

Airport room dividers

Bob Chinn’s Private Party Dividers

Bob Chinn's Room Dividers

Functional and Stylish Room Dividers For Salons

Pretty Nails Salon

Screenflex Dividers help protect President Bush at Walter Reed Medical Center

While addressing our brave troops at Walter Reed Medical Center, Screenflex Portable Dividers are rolled in front of a large glass wall to shield President and Mrs. Bush from view and help protect them from potential harm

Dividers at any place for any reason

Whether you need to limit access to the gate or provide a separate "room" for scanning or inspections

Airport “Traffic Controller”

Passenger traffic easily controlled/guided with the help of Portable Room Dividers

Privacy for scanning/luggage inspection

Screenflex Room Dividers provide a perfect visual barrier during scanning or luggage inspection

Secure Areas/Passenger Comfort

Hundreds of feet of dividers are locked together at JFK Airport.  This allows passengers to leave the plane during a ground stop without entering the general population of air travelers

Art Display For Stampin’ Up

Stampin Up Divider

Escalator maintenance project easily kept out of sight

A messy escalaotr maintenance project is kep out of sight with the help of a Screenflex Portable Room Divider

Residential Room Dividers

Residential Room Dividers

Stairway access denied

To instantly block access to a stairway, a Freestanding divider was easily rolled into place

Any shape at any time

Dividers are set up in a curved fashion to match the curved seating arrangement in the lobby

Hiding the construction mess

Week long construction project is kept out of view with the help of 3 Freestanding Dividers

Finishing touch for registration process

A Freestanding Divider gives a finished look to the registration desk

Barriers in an instant!

Blocking off an area in quick attractive fashion has never been easier

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