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Replacing Old Exhibition Panels With Mobile Room Dividers

At the end of every year, Terry from Verona High School gathers her students’ artwork and with a tape gun in hand and attempts to secure the art onto their 30-year-old exhibition panels.  She would pray that the art would remain hung until the start of the art show and that the deteriorating display panels would stand upright.  It was during this year’s art exhibit when Terry realized she needed a more efficient and safer method to display her students’ art.

School art display system

The first thing Terry did was a search for different display systems that would accommodate drawings, paintings, collages, photographs, and prints that were a variety of sizes.  The display systems needed to be safe and easy to use, portable, simple to store, affordable, well made, and very attractive.  After researching art display systems in supply catalogs and online, Terry came across Screenflex Portable Room Dividers as an excellent solution to all her needs.

After receiving a grant from a local bank, Verona High School ordered 10 Screenflex Portable Room Dividers to use as art displays.  “They are so easy to use, to store, to put artwork on.  They look great, and we can continue to add to our display systems over the years by buying additional movable art panels as our needs increase,” adds Terry.

Art display panels lined up in a gym

Since using their Screenflex art display panels, everyone at the high school is so much happier about putting the art show together.  The ease of using the movable partitions has lessened stress on the custodial staff who used to help set up the old cumbersome system.  With Screenflex partitions, the teachers can move the panels themselves.  Additionally, they no longer need to worry about taped artwork falling off of the old display system.  The Screenflex art displays are tackable.  So different style of artwork is tacked, pinned or stapled to the fabric panels.  All these benefits lead to saving the school time and money when organizing an art exhibit.

When the art show was complete, Terry and her staff soon realized that Screenflex Room Dividers could help their school throughout the entire year.  “We have used them for additional displays throughout the year and to separate space too.  We are just beginning to explore the possibilities of their use,” concludes Terry.

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