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Classroom Art Display Boards

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The Location

Margaret A. Neary Public School

The Challenge

Art Display for the Classroom

The Solution

Teachers utilize their classrooms for many different purposes. They foster discussions, create group activities, and display their students’ proud moments. With a classroom having ever-changing needs, it is then imperative for any additional furniture outside the desks and chairs to be versatile and moveable. For instance, if the walls have no more room for displays, portable screens can be an excellent addition. A teacher at Neary School came to Screenflex for a solution to her classroom art display that she wanted to create.

The school uses a Screenflex Standard Divider as a display board. This partition shown is 5’0″ in height, making it easy for most 5th graders to attach their own art. The Designer Navy fabric is tackable and also remains in good quality after pinned items are taken down. The casters throughout the bottom of the divider create easy portability in the room to make space for other activities. The locking corner casters maintain a sturdy surface on the classroom art display that can withstand light pressure. The accordion-style partitions can fold up into a compact 2ft by 3ft space, opening up the room for activities. For a classroom art display, Screenflex Dividers are the best option.

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