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Maximize Your Home Office Experience With Room Dividers

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My husband has been working out of our home for over 16 years. There are definite advantages of self-employment or working from home. Avoiding a long commute and the value out of getting more time to spend with your family is just a couple of reasons why working from home yields your gratification. Running a business from your home can also have it turns. As far as home offices go, it can be quite an undertaking trying to keep your “home” from creeping into your office space. Here are a few tips that can help you keep your office an office.


Use a designated space for your home office. Placing a desk in the corner of your living area might not be the best idea for a productive office setting.  Try using a spare bedroom or empty space for your office.  If an independent home office is not a possibility, you can purchase a room divider to give yourself some privacy and physical boundaries. Using a partition can help you create a real home office within your current space.

Keep Kids Separate

Kids can be fanatics about invading mom or dad’s workspace. They like to play or do homework nearby.  It brings them closer to you, however, keeping your kid’s toys and school work separate from your workspace is crucial. Toys and kid’s projects in your office make for distractions.

Clutter Free

What do they say?  “As the office is cleaned, so the mind can be cleaned. As you enjoy a clean office, you will enjoy a clean and uncluttered mind.” There is something to be said for a clean space when you are conference calling a customer or receiving a video call.  If whatever is in your background is messy, always use a backdrop for a professional appearance. Take a look at this fun informational video that describes and provides a solution to a conference call in a messy office. Remember, clutter will drain your energy and focus.

Dress For Success

Even though you are at home, wearing your P.J.’s to your office is just not cool.  Comfort is a many splendor thing but P.J.’s will make you want to crawl back into bed.  You wouldn’t wear P.J.’s to work so don’t wear them to your home office.

When It’s Time To “Go Home”

Contrary to popular belief, just because you work from home doesn’t mean you have to work 24/7.  As you work during the day undisturbed, you also want to share undisturbed time with your family. When you call it a day, do just that.  Your family will appreciate finally getting you for themselves.

Working from home has its perks. For those of you who work from a home office, how do you manage your day?  What have you found to be a successful balance between home and work?

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