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Do You Have Wall Panels To Reduce Sound In My Classroom?


Reducing sound in the classroom seems to be an ongoing battle. Take a look at our new product that helps to reduce sound in any room!

We were down in Tampa a few weeks ago to showcase a couple of new products. In case you missed the show, Kevin and Rich put together a video describing our exciting new products!

Video Transcript:
Hi, Screenflex recently exhibited in a school equipment show in Tampa. If you missed us down in Tampa, we want to show you what we had at the booth.
We can now do full Mural Panels. We can take any high-resolution image, and put it on the Screenflex panels. It can be part of the unit or it can be on the entire partition. All you have to do is provide us with a high-resolution image whether it is scenery like this or whether it is a picture of Madison Square Garden or your logo for branding. You can do all sorts of things we put it right on the partition as big as you like.loud kidsAnother product that we début down in Tampa is our Acoustical Wall Panels. Customers have asked for something that they can put on their existing walls to help further reduce the sound in their classroom. For an example, if they have a Screenflex partition coming off a wall in an “L” shape, they have existing wall space here and instead of leaving that bare, they ask for a panel that they can put on the wall to help absorb some additional sound. This is a double acoustical wall panel, so there are two Screenflex panels together so the two of them together will absorb approximately 60% of the sound that hits them. These panels are also tackable just like the regular Screenflex panels. You can use it like a bulletin board to put up additional classwork for the students and different things that is going on in the class. How it hangs on the wall is with a simple bracket. There is a bracket right here on the panel. You put a similar bracket on the wall to hang it. We also have the option of hanging it in the horizontal position. You can hang it like that if you want it to. It’s available in a single panel which would absorb about 45% of the sound or in a double panel like this which absorbs 60% of the sound, of course with your matching Screenflex fabric colors.

Wall Panels Reduce Sound

Wall panels can absorb 60% of sound. Set up vertically or horizontally. Panels can also double as an art display! Panels will accept staples, pins and tacks. Panels can also be used with Velcro and felt.




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