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Making an L Shaped Room Divider Using Multi-Unit Connectors

Multi Unit Connector used to make an L Shaped Room Divider

Multi-Unit Connector

We are often asked, “How do I connect two partitions at a corner to form an L-shaped room divider?”

It’s easy to Make An L-Shaped Room Divider

Because the end frames on a Screenflex Dividers are flush, they can be brought together so that there is no gap. It may almost appear to be seamless. An optional Multi-Unit Connector can join dividers together end-to-end. The latch works smoothly and is simply “unlatched” to disconnect them for storing.

Because of the end frame, however, you cannot connect dividers at an angle, 90 degrees or otherwise. But all is not lost! Remember that you can make a turn at any of the hinge points located between each panel. The answer is to select the correct units, make a bend where desired and connect the two together either before or after the bend. Watch this simple how-to video to learn how to make corners with a Screenflex Room Divider at a 90 degree angle.

Say you wish to make a run of 16′-9″ with a turn and then go 20′-5″. You’ll want to use the longer 20′-5″ divider going straight and turning at 16′-9″. You’ll have 3′-8″ left after your turn. Now attach the shorter unit 16′-9″ to the end after the turn (3′-8″ + 16′-9″ = 20′-5″). Now you’ll have the L-shape you need.

If you like to order partitions to make an L-shaped room divider or any other configuration, we’re here to help you.

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