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Interesting Uses For Room Dividers


Dividing a room is probably the most popular use of a room divider.  If your residence includes loft living, finding a quiet retreat within the vast confines of your apartment can be a bit tricky.  The key is an illusion of space.  If your home is small, adding room dividers can create a spacious feeling by adding a second or third room.  In a large open room, dividers can create private spaces generating cozy and comfortable resting areas.

Room dividers can serve as home accents and will enhance the look of your furnishings.  Besides the functionality aspect of adding rooms, how about trying dividers with an artistic zing.  Take a look at these funky and fun room dividers that offer both functionality and artistic design.

These functional fish tank room dividers create an intimate living room nook without closing off the area.  The fish tanks allow light to flow throughout the entire loft. Water is a soothing sound and provides a therapeutic effect.  It can help relieve stress and bring on relaxation.

You will never run out of toilet paper with this room divider. The toilet paper divider is the perfect separation between the commode and bathroom sink.  Providing a considerable storage space for your endless supply of toilet paper this divider is multi-functional.


Use vintage license plates to create a cozy eating spot for this trendy outdoor cafe. License plate dividers offer a home town feel to the cafe.


This giant cheese grater was created by Mona Hatoum in London.  “Paravent” was displayed at the Gallery Max Hetzler in 2008.  I visualize this original room divider in a swanky Italian joint.  What is better than bread dipped in olive oil and grated Parmesan cheese?

This office space was created using thousands of empty Evian water bottles.  Let the sun shine through. Creative and unique, these dividers are the right accents to this modern office.


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