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Esports Gaming Room

The Location

Chicago Suburb High School

The Challenge

Private gaming room

The Solution

Esports is a growing sport making its way into middle schools, high schools, colleges, and even professionally.  With the addition of any new sport or activity, finding ample space to host practices and competitions is a challenge.  Schools are faced with the need to create a gaming room to support the technology needed for gaming while offering enough room for spectators and strategy planning.  Screenflex is excited to work with schools to provide a simple yet cost-effective solution for their gaming room design.  Screenflex Standard Room Divider provides privacy for gamers in a preexisting IT space in the school.  The divider allows the gamers to have their own space for practices without interrupting others in the shared room.  For competitions, spectators can sit on the opposite side of the room divider and watch the game unfold on screens.  When practice is over the room divider can be closed and stored along the wall until the next practice or competition.

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