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Creative Ways To Display Student Artwork

Recently, we received an email from a customer who told us how much our product has helped her. She went on to detail the many attempts she’d made to find creative ways to display student artwork. Finally, she found Screenflex!

Customer comments about creative ways to display student atwork

Then Kristen Donovan, A private art teacher with her own studio told us,

Loved my Screenflex dividers allowed me to post more artwork at the art show and helped with the “flow” of the room. Very light to move on casters and sturdy, I wasn’t afraid they would fall on the guests.

In addition to these happy art teachers, we receive a lot great comments and photos from teachers telling us not only how they are using Screenflex Partitions for art displays, but that their school finds tons of other uses for them all over the building. We thought we’d share their comments and a few of the pictures happy customers have recently emailed to us.

We thought we’d share those comments and a few of the photos other happy customers have recently emailed to us showing creative ways to display student artwork. (To enlarge, click on any photo below)

Bishop Thomas K. Gorman Regional Catholic School Tyler, TX -4 Screenflex 6 panel art display unit Screenflex 6 panel art display unit School art exhibit Artwork-Display-Divider Donovan Art Studio Spring show 2014 Donovan Art Studio Spring show 2014Children's Picasso drawongs at an art display School art display students viewing an art exhibit Creative Ways To Display Student Artwork using Screenflex Portable Partitions & Art Displays public viewing a school art exhibit art Display at Morris Catholic High School Morris Catholic High School art exhibit Art exhibit using Screenflex Art Displays

Wow! With all the moving around these Screenflex art display units do, I guess it’s a good thing they’re on wheels and can fit through any standard doorway! So the next time you’re hauling out your clunky, less than sturdy, makeshift art displays…

Just Say NO!

Say no to art displays made from plywood boards put together with screws and nails, foam boards joined with duct tape and supported by dowel rods, hollow core doors propped up on wobbly wheels, metal Grid displays bought at a going out of business sale, PVC piping, clothes line, cafeteria tables or even buses! Repeat after me… No More Makeshift Art Displays!

poorly constructed art display lunch tables being used as art displays wobbly zig zag art displays wire racks used as art displaysstudent artwork displayed on a school bus

Most of these can’t stand up on their own unless they’re zigzagged, and even then, you run the risk of them tipping over on someone. Also, they’re often only used for that purpose and then you need to find somewhere large enough to store them until the next art show.

A More Creative Ways To Display Student Artwork

Screenflex sells linear and winged art display units. Linear units come in 36 different sizes and 38 colors (vinyl not recommended) winged units are available in two sizes. Regardless of which you choose all Screenflex units are made using 3/4 inch thick panels made of a closed cell honeycomb core covered by two layers of fiberglass insulation on each side, and covered in a durable non-woven fabric. This makes hanging artwork an extremely easy task! Use thumb tacks, push pins, staples or partition clips. We even sell an optional artwork hanger.

In addition, Screenflex units arrive at your door fully assembled and ready to use! And their functionality doesn’t end when the art show is over. Screenflex can be repurposed all over your facility! The self-leveling swivel casters allow them to be easily rolled on many types of surfaces, and they fit (even our largest unit!) through any standard doorway. When not in use, linear partitions can be closed, locked and stored in a mere 3′ X 2′ footprint! Winged units easily fold flat!

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