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Available Portable Partition Wall Sizes


Screenflex portable partition walls come in a variety of sizes and colors.  For information visit our interactive size demonstration at

Transcript for Available Portable Partition Wall Sizes

Steve:        Hi.  I’m Steve with Screenflex.

Tina:         Hi.  I’m Tina with Screenflex.  Many of our customers are wondering about the sizes of our Screenflex portable partitions.  Steve, could you tell us a little bit about that?

Steve:      Yes, I can.  We make 36 total sizes of freestanding room dividers.  That is six heights and six lengths.  Height wise the shortest divider is like the one next to me here, four foot tall.  We make a five foot, six foot like this one here, six foot eight inches, seven foot four inches, like the one Tina’s standing next to, and an eight -footer that’s almost as tall as our ceiling.  Length wise we go by panels, shortest being three panels like this one here.  That measures five feet nine inches long from end-to-end when it’s open.  Next we go to a five panel divider.  That’s nine foot five inches long.  Seven panel dividers, which is 13 foot 1 inch long.  There’s a nine panel divider, which is 16 feet 9 inches long, an 11 panel divider, which is 20 foot 5 inches long and a 13 panel divider, our longest divider, which is 24 feet 1 inch long.  If you multiply the six heights times the six lengths, that’s 36 sizes.  You can get any combination.  The beautiful thing about all of our dividers is no matter what the height or what the length, they all fold small to occupy a space about two and a half feet by three feet of footprint.  The dividers can further nest together if you have more than one to store in a smaller area.

Tina:      Thank you very much, Steve.

Steve:     You’re welcome.