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Visual & Sound Barrier Walls During Church Banquets

Church Helmer UMC

Hiding a construction mess has never been easier

To hide construction project from view, a portable wall was easily rolled into place.

Unique room easily divided in seconds

One uniquely shaped dining area...

When more privacy is needed…

A portable folding wall is easily rolled into place to help orovide added privacy for patrons

Divider helps keep group focused

Portable wall is set up around this group of chairs to help limit distraction during the speakers talk.

Large banquet hall made more intimate with the help of portable walls

Dining area all ready for use with the help of two accordion folding walls

Wait staff out of view with help of portable wall

Portable wall is easily rolled into place so the wait staff has their own "space" to do their job

Portable dividers help manage space

Dividers help create separate areas when two wedding showers were scheduled simultaneously

Dividers define banquet area

The U.S. Air force Academy uses Freestanding Portable Room Dividers to help better define the area needed for their banquet

Restaurant Room Dividers

Restaurant Room Dividers

Private Party Screen

Restaurant Private Party Screen

L I V E   C H A T
P R I C E   G U I D E

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