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School Nurse Portable Walls Station

The Location

Elementary School Health Office

The Challenge

Create Temporary Privacy for Sick and Injured Students

The Solution

We’ve all gone to the school nurse when we were growing up. Whether it was from a tummy ache to falling and scraping our knees, every kid has had an accident of some sort. Most of the time, the health office occupies only a couple of students at once; however, if a school offers vaccinations, there could be crowding and a lack of privacy. In this case, portable walls could help give students the necessary confidentiality and help create crowd control at their school nurse station.

Screenflex Healthflex Dividers shown above are the best solution for a school nurse station or office. These lightweight partitions come in either three or five panels and are perfect to fit most health offices. These privacy screens can come with a tackable finish that is perfect for displaying appointments or other notices. The vinyl fabric also has an antimicrobial coating and is easy to clean for extra sanitation. These portable walls fold accordion-style and can close up compactly for when there is not a patient getting checked out. With over 30 colors to choose from, there is a portable wall that matches any school nurse’s station. When looking for privacy screens for your school, check out the Healthflex Dividers.

Divide Classrooms • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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