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Small Group Instruction Divider in Classroom

The Location

Alchester-Hudson Elementary School

The Challenge

Limit distractions in the classroom and hanging storage

The Solution

In a classroom setting, having an extra portable wall can add so much to the space. At Alchester-Hudson Elementary, the educators needed a way to separate parts of the room and limit distractions. By placing a Screenflex Divider in the middle of the room, these teachers could have two spaces for small group instruction.

Our contact at the school, Hailey Schroeder, chose a black Standard Room Divider and a markerboard for their classroom. This partition acts as a physical barrier between groups and holds storage and dry erase boards. The class is able to hang up their materials on the panels while keeping the room neat and organized. Also, their Screenflex Markerboard easily hangs over the top of any partition, which offers a quick and out-of-the-way writing surface. If the divider is not needed at any given time, it can easily fold up compactly for storage.

When asked about the benefits of their Screenflex portable room divider, Hailey said, “[It] helps with noise levels and distractions in the classroom.” See the video below for Hailey’s full review and more usages of the divider used in a small group instruction space.

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