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Hanging Artwork on Screenflex Room Divider Panels!

Screenflex Room Dividers ~ Hanging Artwork on Your Room Divider

Artwork hung on a black Screenflex room divider


Screenflex Room Dividers are constructed to withstand years of staples, tacks and push pins for hanging artwork to your Screenflex Room Divider.  At the center of each panel is a hollow honeycomb core protected by two layers of fiberglass insulation.  The use of these multi-layers assists in absorbing sound in any space.  A fabric covering is laminated to the insulation to create a decorative panel. Customers can select a fabric color from the 36 choices samples available.  To hang heavy items on a Screenflex Divider, cube clips may be used.  To display up to 8 pieces of artwork on a panel purchase the Screenflex Artwork Hanger.  The 45″ long steel Artwork Hanger has eight pre-formed hooks stamped down the metal hanger arm.  Use display hangers to hang heavier items or materials not suitable for pinning. Installs by simply placing the hanger over the top of the divider. Fits any Screenflex divider.

Please watch this short video about pinning and tacking items to our panels.




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