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Flexible Museum Displays

The Location

Mt. Sisson Museum

The Challenge

Needed a way to display information in their museum, but that could be rolled away to still provide a large room for other events.

The Solution

Tackable Walls are Ideal for Creating Flexible Museum Displays

The Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum is located in historic Mt. Shasta, California and highlights the past, present, and future of this quaint community.  The museum has hosted over 400,000 guests since it’s opened its doors 30 years ago.  With that many guests and revolving exhibits, they discovered they needed to have flexible space that could accommodate many needs.  Screenflex Portable Room Dividers provide them the opportunity to set up a dynamic museum exhibit or to display artwork. Because the panels are tackable, posters, artwork or flyers can be pinned, tacked or stapled to any of the panels. Since the dividers roll on self-leveling caster wheels, the dividers can be moved to the room can be used for community events. and tables and chairs can be set up to another event.  “The dividers are easy to move, flexible in their display capacities, and take very little storage when not in use” ~ Jean Nels, Executive Director, Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum.


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