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Move and position our animated room divider into a configuration that fits your application. Try it! It’s fun and easy to use!

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Wall mounted Room Dividers attach to and fold against the wall for easy storage.  A wall mounted room divider might be the answer when you want to install your divider to divide an area at the same place every time.

Wall mounted room dividers are constructed using the same sound-absorbing tackable panels, steel framing and full-length hinges as found on our high-quality standard portable room dividers. Panels are mounted to welded steel legs which have sturdy self-leveling casters for extreme durability. A bracket on the wall allows one end of the divider to attach to the wall. The allows the divider to pivot open and expand into your room to make any configuration you desire!

A Special Note About Wall Mounted Room Dividers:

All 11 and 13 panel room dividers, and all 9 panel room dividers in the 6′-8″ and 7′-4″ heights, and all 8′-0″ high room dividers include a 29 1/4″ inch wide steel end frame for added support.

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