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The Best Room Divider On The Market: Screenflex Portable Partitions


This Video Proves Why Screenflex is the Best Room Divider On The Market

Temporary classrooms, meetings, multi-purpose rooms. There are so many reasons why you may need to temporarily break up your room spaces. Introducing Screenflex portable room dividers. (The best room divider on the market)

For over 26 years, Screenflex has set the highest quality standard for portable room dividers in the industry. We offer 36 different sizes and 38 fabric and vinyl finishes to choose from. With that many choices, we know we have a temporary wall for your space. Best of all, our room dividers are easy to use, built to last, and they look great! The Screenflex standard divider, in general, arrives fully assembled and ready to use.

You can set your room divider up any way you choose! Simply open the locking latch to release the panels. Position the divider to your desired configuration, and allow the proprietary position controllers to hold your panels in place. Need to divide a larger room? Our dividers lock together using an optional multi-unit connector. Uneven floors? Not to worry. The dividers come with our exclusive self-leveling casters ensuring every wheel makes full contact with the floor for maximum stability. Additionally, our non-marking hard rubber casters are safe for all flooring.

Other Features

Furthermore, when you no longer need to divide your space, you can close your Screenflex portable room divider and store it in a 2′ x 3′ space.

These portable room dividers also offer superior sound absorption with dual layers of insulation. Best of all, they’re even tackable for added functionality. Our dividers are perfect for any office setting, school, government building, religious facility, hospitality, healthcare, and anywhere else you need temporary room space management solutions.

Get the most out of your space with Screenflex, the best room divider out there.