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Utilization With Easy to Clean Room Dividers

In a medical facility, patients and practitioners alike benefit from privacy and cleanliness. For example,  Screenflex medical room dividers block sightlines and minimize sound, providing the environment needed for optimal health, healing, and safety. Our dividers, therefore, create a more comfortable experience for patients and medical staff with just one temporary hospital privacy screen. This partition on wheels can surround any hospital bed, patient overflow space, and any other area needed in the facility.

Additionally, Screenflex Clear Dividers open up communication in their check-in area by providing see-through plexiglass barriers between the patient and employee. By putting an easy-to-clean divider in place, patients can check-in to their appointment without spreading or receiving unwanted germs. Regardless of the healthcare need, Screenflex products keep the privacy and cleanliness that a medical facility should have.


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Room Dividers Provide A Private Healthcare Experience

Helping customers provide the best care to their patients is why Screenflex Portable Room Dividers first launched its patient privacy screens product line.

With a versatile hinged design, Screenflex medical room dividers allow for compact storage and multiple configuration layouts.  The mobile privacy curtains absorb sound between patient beds, provides privacy for patient overflow and creates patient treatment centers on the spot.  Our healthcare screens are available in eight high-performing vinyl finishes.  This surface easily wipes clean to maintain a clean and safe environment.  Need longer length partitions? Connect two or more portable medical privacy screens to form longer dividers or create multiple rooms.

What makes Screenflex medical partitions best for you:

  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Smooth-rolling self-leveling casters
  • Customizable (with 36 sizes and 8 vinyl colors)
  • One person setup
  • Sound-dampening
  • Black powder-coated steel frame for durability
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Screenflex medical privacy screens are built and designed to meet every possible care situation in hospitals, acute care centers, medical offices, pharmacies, and treatment centers.  The Screenflex medical room dividers are the leading portable privacy screen for patient privacy and sound absorption.

Our experience was amazing! It would usually take us about a half-hour to set up our injection areas. With these hospital privacy screens, it took about 10 minutes to get everything set-up. Everyone comments on how professional they look and what an improvement they are over the old medical screens. Thank you so much! 

Jasper County Hospital