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Screen Locks Used to Secure Divider Panels


Looking for safe and secure locking room dividers? Screenflex Portable Partitions are designed with a screen lock on the bottom of each panel that locks into place when the divider is closed.This latch secures the panels together making them easy to wheel into storage or into another room for additional use. Visit to learn more information on the panel construction and to view additional options to add to your divider.

Transcript for Screen Locks Used to Secure Room Dividers

Hi.  This is Steve with Screenflex.  I’m down here on the floor today to demonstrate how screen locks work on the bottom of our Screenflex room dividers.

The latch is spring loaded, heavy duty latch that engages when you fold the room dividers closed.  It’s now ready to be rolled around, moved anywhere within your facility.  The latch will hold all the panels together tight until you get where you’re going.

Simply pull the lever forward.  Release the panels and they can now be opened and setup with ease.

Thank you.


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