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Need Extra Space? Room Dividers are the Solution

Whether at work, school, or a place of worship, there are times when you want to periodically or temporarily divide a room into several smaller areas. You may find yourself thinking if I only had a storage closet, additional classrooms, or a breakout room. In these cases, when construction is not a viable option, using room dividers to create temporary spaces is the best solution.
Room divider screens are considered the most cost-effective, decorative, and versatile way to divide a room. To accommodate our customer’s needs, we offer a wide range of Screenflex Room Divider products. Each option is very easy to move, reuse, or rearrange as they are light-weight and roll on wheels. Some of our screens are a single panel with a dry erase surface, while others have three or more fabric panels that are hinged together and can be arranged in a variety of configurations.

Strategically placed screens can help you achieve a myriad of space utilization options. Let’s review a few space-saving solutions room dividers provide.

Portable room dividers can be used to hide stored items as well as utility areas from view. The best thing about using room dividers to create a storage closet is the storage area can be located in any room where storage is needed. Place items along a wall or stacked on shelving and roll a portable room divider in place to limit access and view to the storage area. We understand that safety is a big concern for open utility areas. Hiding this space with a portable screen restricts access to utility equipment. Need access to these areas? Close the temporary room divider and store in a 2’ by 3’ space. When fully open, Screenflex Room Dividers absorb up to 65% of ambient noise in a room.

Venues, where there are large and open spaces such as schools or hotels, find it beneficial to use portable panels to divide the space into several smaller ones. Because facility needs change from time to time, many refrain from using permanent walls such as concrete walls and go with room dividers which offer them a sturdy and strong solution that are very easy to move and store. Schools and churches might use room dividers to create a separate area for children’s ministry, staff offices, or classrooms for religious studies. Casinos, hospitality event facilities, and other venues will find room partitions provide an opportunity to create a private enclosure for guests to gather as well as to guide light foot traffic.

Display Wall

Consider the primary purpose of your room divider and if you will need to have a writing or tackable display surface on the divider in addition to dividing your space. Room dividers with dry-erase surfaces allow you to create meeting spaces or classrooms with an interactive wall to share ideas and knowledge. Screenflex fabric walls provide you a method to tack, pin or staple artwork on the panels to panels for easy viewing. The best thing about these art display panels is that they don’t leave any marks on the material when the items are removed. There are a lot of schools and facilities that use Screenflex art display panels for school projects or art fairs because they are easy to maneuver and use around their facility and store compactly.


We hope this gives you a glimpse into the benefits room dividers provide in maximizing the use of your space. With superior quality fabric and vinyl finish options, room partitions can add color or create an interest in the room or blend with existing décor. It is one of the best furniture pieces you can purchase for your school, church, medical facility, or office when you need temporary space.

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