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CrowdFlex Acrylic Barricades

3' 6"

*Note: Purchase Extensions for Longer Lengths

5' 9"
a fst-fst

When you need separation in your facility but also clear visibility, the CrowdFlex Acrylic Barricades are the perfect solution. These single-panel 3/16” thick acrylic barricades are 42-1/2″ high and cover 69″ in length. Multiple panels can connect together to increase the length as needed. Since there is no limit to how many panels you can use, you can cover any distance with these barricades. The panels can turn 180 degrees at each connecting point which offers you the utmost flexibility.

Screenflex Acrylic Barriers are the perfect barricades for your facility

  • Event Barricades- In an arena or stadium setting, these clear barricades are excellent for crowd control management. Place them in front of the stage to offer separation from the crowd or even use them for queueing in various other locations around the facility.
  • Crowd control barriers – Use your CrowdFlex clear barricade to deter foot traffic from desired areas in your facility. Protect museum art from patrons, enhance security at airport checkpoints, and manage other crowd situations using this barricade.  Acrylic barriers allow you to restrict access and see what is beyond the barrier.
  • Pet containment system – Connect several acrylic barriers in a small circular enclosure to secure your animals. For this use, you can use the two-leg starter base and however many single-leg extensions you need for your space. Since acrylic panels are water-resistant, they could work for both indoor and outdoor usage. These barricades are perfect for doggy daycares, veterinarians, and other animal-focused businesses.

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Acrylic Framing

This clear divider provides sturdy extruded aluminum channel framing with a black anodized finish.

business woman writing on a clear divider business woman writing on a clear divider

Wet Erase Compatible

Conveniently use with wet erase and liquid chalk markers.  Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Made in the USA and environmentally friendly Made in the USA and environmentally friendly

Made in the U.S.A

Screenflex dividers are proudly Made in the U.S.A. using 76% recycled material.

Single Leg Extension


Single-leg extensions can be added in unlimited quantities with the ability to turn 180 degrees.

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plexiglass barricade with Screenflex logo on it

Acrylic Logo Option

We can print your logo directly on acrylic, or in a large sticker format to be removed if needed.

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  • A: Clear Acrylic Panel

    Clear Acrylic Panel

  • FST-FST: Frosted


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Q & A

What is the Crowdflex Barricade made of?

Screenflex Crowdflex Barricades are made from shatter-resistant acrylic material.

What does a crowd control barrier do?

A crowd control barricade or barrier help manage foot traffic for added safety or protection within large groups of people.

How does Crowdflex barricade differ from a stanchion?

Crowdflex barricades are clear plexiglass panels with only a two-inch floor gap. These panels offer more security than flimsy rope stanchions and are recommended for larger crowds.

What's the difference between Crowdflex and Plexiglass Partition?

Crowdflex differs from Screenflex’s other clear acrylic product, Plexiglass Partition, by being shorter and longer than the latter. The Crowdflex Barricade is also better intended for crowd control purposes.