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Full-Length Hinges

Room Divider Hinges

One of the features we are most proud of at Screenflex is our room divider hinge.  We secure divider panels together every 4 inches with a strong, full-length aluminum continuous hinge.  Why is this important?  A full length piano hinge evenly distributes any weight to minimize stress on the panels and to maintain the alignment of the divider.  This solid construction provides you with a room divider that is stable and long-lasting.  Additionally, the piano style hinge creates a pivot action that moves smoothly and even.  The range of motion the hinges yield allow you to arrange the divider into multiple configurations with ease.

Full Length Hinges

Here are some of the benefits piano hinges provide for your dividers:

  • Enjoy more privacy due to the sight proof design of the hinges
  • Room dividers have a more attractive and uniform appearance
  • Hinges support heavy vertical loads
  • Piano hinges diffuse wear and tear
  • Safety against pinched fingers is an added bonus
  • Corrosion-resistant

Full-Length Hinges included on the following products: Standard Room DividersWALLmountDry Erase/TackableHealthflexFlexFit DividerStudy CarrelsLight Duty


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