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Your Room Divider Hinges Its Hinges

Room Divider Hinges

When you are looking for room dividers that will live in your facility for many years, make sure you choose dividers that can take the wear and tear of every day use.

One of the features we are proud of at Screenflex is our room divider hinges. We use strong full length hinges to provide strength to your dividers for many years to come.

Room Divider Hinges

Screenflex room divider panels are attached together using full length aluminum piano hinges.  They are fastened every 4″ along the edges of each panel assembly, providing strength and years of maintenance free use.

Here are some of the benefits piano hinges provide for your dividers:

  • Piano hinges create sturdier and more rigid room dividers and allow the panels to keep their alignment.
  • When your room divider is in use, even load distribution is kept on the entire length of the panel.
  • You will appreciate smooth clean lines.
  • Room dividers have a more attractive and uniform appearance.
  • Hinges support heavy vertical loads.
  • Piano hinges diffuse wear and tear.
  • Safety against pinched fingers are provided especially when children are present.
  • Enjoy more privacy due to the sight proof design of the hinges.
  • Provides more swing cycles than regular hinges.

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