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4 Feet Room Dividers for the Classroom

Market: Education
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The Location

Hillsborough City School District

The Challenge

Display boards for younger students

The Solution

For 5 years, Hillsborough City School District has used various heights and lengths of room dividers throughout their school as bulletin boards, temporary classrooms, study quads, and tutoring centers.  Recently, the special education department contacted Screenflex looking for a shorter room divider for their elementary education students. The special education classroom at Hillsborough City School District is a busy classroom.  The one classroom serves students from many classes and grade levels throughout the day.  Therefore, the teachers need a flexible space that can quickly adapt to the needs of the students being served.  The school staff agreed that the 4-foot Screenflex divider would be the perfect solution to their immediate need.  The shorter partition allows classroom material to be displayed at the perfect height for student interaction. The 4-foot high partition wall is perfect for teachers to have a clear sightline of student interactions,  and yet allows the teachers to separate the space into smaller rooms for various activities.

Divide Classrooms • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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