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How Do I Know Which Room Divider Height Is Right For My Room?

If I have an 8′ ceiling, can I use an 8′ high room divider in my room? What about the room divider height?

Room Divider Height

A customer called in the other day hoping to buy a few room dividers for their church building. Sandy wanted to create four rooms for religious education during the school week and create four rooms in another part of the building during Sunday school. Sandy chose “mobile” dividers so she could use the dividers in their church basement during the week and take them back to the main level of the church on the weekend. Since the ceiling height on the main level of the church is a cathedral in some areas and the basement ceiling is 8′ high, my customer was unsure about which divider height would work out best for both areas. Sally wanted the floor to ceiling dividers and asked, “Can I buy 8′ high room dividers for my church even though my basement ceiling is 8′ high? Will the dividers fit?” Unfortunately, because the basement ceiling height is 8′ tall (which is the lowest ceiling height in the church), 8′ tall room dividers could not allow enough room for the dividers to fit. There is a solution…

How do I decide on the height of my room dividers?

When determining the optimal room divider height for your building, you need to add an additional 3/4″ for the position control hinge. For example, an 8′ high room divider will be 8′ 3/4″ tall (including the position control hinge). Typically, you don’t want your Screenflex Room Divider to be floor to ceiling, since they are freestanding and could topple over. My suggestion for this customer would be to purchase 7′-4″ high dividers.

Position control hinges will keep the panels straight. Hinges will click into place and keep the dividers from shifting or closing.

Free 2D and 3D space planning are available for your facility. Our space planning specialists will configure an ideal layout for your needs.

Here are some great examples of what you can do with your Screenflex Room Divider.

Divider in Use

Room Divider in Use


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