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Screenflex light-duty room dividers bring you the quality and versatility expected from a Screenflex divider in a lightweight option. This cost-effective solution is ideal for home use or light office scenarios.  For other applications, we recommend our best-selling Standard Screenflex Room Divider.

  • Cost-efficient solution for dividing open spaces
  • Glides effortlessly on ball-bearing casters
  • Steel end frames
  • Minor assembly required
  • Sound-absorbing panels
  • Tackable panels

Adjustable casters guide the acoustical panels smoothly over uneven surfaces for added stability. Choose from our 23 color options to create a divider that compliments any decor.

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sound absorbing panels sound absorbing panels

Sound-Absorbing Panels

Each 3/4-inch-thick panel is made of a closed-cell honeycomb core for maximum sound absorption. The panel is then covered in 76% recycled fabric to reduce noise by up to 55%. A steel frame surrounds the entire panel for added strength. 

Display Items on Portable Partitions Display Items on Portable Partitions

Tackable Finish

Like a bulletin board, you can pin, staple, or tack items directly onto the panels. Screenflex Room Dividers are constructed using 3/4-inch-thick panels made out of a closed-cell honeycomb core and overlayed with stitch-bonded polyester fabric to provide you with years of dependable use. 

Full-length metal hinges provide stability Full-length metal hinges provide stability

Full-Length Hinges

Metal Full-Length Hinges connect acoustical panels, top to bottom, to provide strength and stability.

End Frame Close to the Ground Provides Stability

Low Profile End Frame

This low lying end support provides all the stability you need when using your divider for light use applications.

Manual adjustable caster

Manually Adjustable Casters

Adjusting the height of your divider is as easy as a twist of your wrist. Manually adjusting the casters allows you to achieve just the right height for your divider.

Made in the USA and environmentally friendly Made in the USA and environmentally friendly

Made in the U.S.A

Screenflex dividers are proudly Made in the U.S.A. using 76% recycled material.

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Designer Fabric - 100% Recycled Polyester

  • DR: Primary Red

    Primary Red

  • DB: Lake


  • DS: Primary Blue

    Primary Blue

  • DV: Navy


  • DA: Apple Green

    Apple Green

  • DN: Mallard


  • DY: Primary Yellow

    Primary Yellow

  • DW: Desert


  • DO: Walnut


  • DD: Dark Brown

    Dark Brown

  • DJ: Orange


  • DM: Rose


  • DE: Auburn


  • DP: Purple


  • DG: Stone


  • DT: White


  • DX: Charcoal Black

    Charcoal Black

Excel Fabric - 100% Recycled Polyester

  • EB: Summer Blue

    Summer Blue

  • EG: Grey Smoke

    Grey Smoke

  • EM: Cranberry


  • EN: Sea Green

    Sea Green

  • EO: Beech


  • EW: Sand


Royal Vinyl Upgrade

  • VB: Blue Tide

    Blue Tide

  • VG: Granite


  • VM: Raspberry Mist

    Raspberry Mist

  • VN: Mint


  • VO: Sandalwood


  • VW: Hazelnut


  • VT: Ice


  • VX: Coal


Select Fabric Upgrade

  • SB: Blue


  • SG: Grey


  • SM: Mauve


  • SN: Green


  • SO: Oatmeal


  • SW: Wheat


  • SX: Black


For Color Accuracy Order Free Swatches *
*Note: website colors may vary from actual colors.

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The Room Dividers are high quality. They are perfect for our purpose. We are using them for privacy for health checks. We had to reconfigure our space to create private areas. Our purchase experience was simple and efficient.
We are using the dividers to segment our office space. We like the flexibility of the partitions and they are easy to set up. The wall divider is nice looking and well built. Our purchasing experience was very easy. Our Salesperson, Amy was very easy to work with.  
Our room divider is being used as a mobile display for our lobby and potentially throughout other areas of the library for different events. It is exactly what we wanted, and is working perfectly for us! We needed additional display space. We found you in a Google search. If other area libraries are looking for similar dividers/displays, we would be happy to refer Screenflex.  
The room dividers work as expected and are very good quality. We are using them to provide privacy when needed. Our purchasing experience was easy and we like the ease of use with the product.  
The dividers have been a great purchase so far and looking forward to getting full use of them once pandemic effects are lifted and we can get back to our adoption events as normal. We are using them to divide up one large space for dog adoptions for our organization. We like the flexibility the divider provides to do a number of tasks at the same time in the limited space of our building. Our salesperson was very professional and understanding of what our needs were and identifying the best solution.  
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