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Sound-Absorbing Panels

How do Screenflex Panels Absorb Sound?

It’s in the core! Inside each of our sound-absorbing panels is a 1/2-inch honeycomb sandwich core (2). The honeycomb configuration creates multiple closed air-filled pockets. These small pockets of air provide excellent sound insulation by trapping and absorbing sound waves as they travel through the air. Each panel is then covered with either a fabric or a vinyl material (3) to complete the process.

Structurally, our core is made by sandwiching the honeycomb material between two heavy corrugated boards. This construction method provides strength in tension, which is an excellent choice when flat or slightly curved surfaces are needed. And because we need our product to be somewhat rigid yet lightweight, using the honeycomb acoustic panels is the perfect material choice. A black powder-coated steel frame (1) surrounds the entire panel to create a durable accordion-style room divider.

Sound absorbing panelsHow Are Sound-Absorbing Panels Rated?

The combination of these materials allows one of our 6-foot high room dividers to have an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of .45. An NRC is a single number rating used to describe how well a material absorbs sound. An NRC of 1 indicates perfect absorption. As our diagram shows, certain heights and configurations can boost the NRC up to .55 or .65.

Less Noise, Fewer Distractions, More Satisfaction

Room dividers improve the acoustics in a room and are certainly a big benefit to creating a peaceful environment resulting in increased productivity.

Sound-absorbing panels are included in the following products: Standard Room DividersWALLmountHeavy Duty, Dry Erase/TackableDisplay TowerGSA Dividers, HealthflexFlexFit Divider, Acoustical Wall PanelsStudy CarrelsLight Duty


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