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How To Install A Room Divider Wall Frame Mount


An added feature of Screenflex dividers is how easy it is to attach it to an existing wall frame.  Simply follow the steps outlined in the video for a quick and painless installation.  For more information on Screenflex dividers visit or contact a sales representative at (800) 553-0110.

Transcript for Instructions On How To Install A Room Divider Wall Frame Mount

This video provides instructions on how to mount a Screenflex wall frame to an existing wall, to mount a Screenflex door or a Screenflex freestanding divider.

In the packet that’s provided with the wall frame you’ll find various screws and toggle bolt anchors for drywall.  I’m going to be using the toggle bolt anchors for drywall today.

Using a level, stand the wall frame on the floor.  Make sure the frame is level and mark the holes with a long screw onto the drywall.  Once all four holes are marked, use a half inch drill bit and drill through the drywall in all four places.

Now push one of the toggle bolts through one of the holes in the frame and attach an expanding toggle to the back side engaging in a few threads.  Attach a toggle to all four holes.  Push the toggle wings in and use a small hammer or mallet to tap the toggle into the hole.  Do this in all four places.

Once you have all four toggles inside the drywall, use a drill gun or a screwdriver to tighten the screws drawing the wall frame tight up against the wall.  It will now be securely fastened to the wall and a door unit or a freestanding room divider can now be attached to it temporarily.

Roll the freestanding divider up against the wall frame engaging it into the slots at the top and at the bottom and then lock it tight to the wall frame with the multi-unit connector.

To remove it simply rotate the connector in the opposite direction unlatching the room divider and pull it away.

A door is hung from the top and engaged in the slots in the same fashion.  The multi-unit connector secures the door to the wall.  It can swing freely.  Returns to center when it is released.  By pulling up a room divider next to it, you can create a door opening into a room.