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How To Install A Room Divider Wall Frame Mount


An added feature of Screenflex dividers is how easy it is to attach it to an existing wall frame.  Simply follow the steps outlined in the video for a quick and painless installation.  For more information on Screenflex dividers visit or contact a sales representative at (800) 553-0110.

Transcript for Instructions On How To Install A Room Divider Wall Frame Mount

Here’s how to mount your Screenflex Wall Frame.

Included in the packaging is an assembly kit with instructions and all the necessary parts for different surfaces. This video focuses on drywall in particular, but see the installation instructions in the kit for concrete, masonry, or wood surfaces.

Begin with attaching the multi-unit connector to your divider by placing the small screws in the designated holes. Then, tighten the screws with a screwdriver. 

Then, secure the wall frame and divider together by lining up and fastening both sides of the multi-unit connector. This will give you the correct height for where to mark your toggle bolt holes.

Press the wall frame and the now-attached divider against the desired drywall. Use a level if possible to make sure the frame is level and mark the four holes with a long screw.

Once all four holes are marked, use a half-inch drill bit and drill the holes into the drywall. 

Insert a toggle bolt to all four holes in the frame. Make sure the butterfly anchor is towards the side closest to the wall. Then, use a small hammer or mallet to tap all four toggles into the holes. 

After all of the toggles are inserted, use a drill gun or screwdriver to secure the screws. Make sure the frame is drawn tight against the wall.

And now, your freestanding divider can be connected to the wall with the Screenflex Wall Frame.