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Sound Proof Room Dividers vs Sound Dampening Room Dividers

Are soundproof room dividers a thing?

Soundproof vs sound absorbing room dividersNoise cancellation is a problem many of our customers struggle with: facilitating multiple classes, meetings, speeches, or groups gathering in the same big room full of hard surfaces, such as metal equipment, hard flooring, or painted concrete walls. Sound waves bounce off of these types of surfaces. As a result, separators, like curtains, make these spaces essentially unusable for purposes that require talking or sound. That’s why it’s important to take the time to find essentially sound proof room dividers. Whether you’re partitioning out a classroom, gym, or cafeteria, one of the biggest struggles is to control and contain the noise with soundproof partitions. Acoustical room dividers provide more noise cancellation than curtains, but what sorts of separators are portable?  Screenflex soundproof room partition walls are both stylish and functional!

Implementing a Portable Sound Barrier for Your Space

A Screenflex Acoustical Room Dividers will help you to create a quieter environment. When you use these highly functional acoustic room dividers, the sound is absorbed into the honeycomb core.  The core dampens noise that may otherwise be disruptive. While there is no portable room divider or wall that can provide you with complete, 100% soundproofing and noise cancellation simply due to the complex nature of acoustics and sound control, our Screenflex Sound Room Divider can block and absorb up to 65% of the sound waves emanating from a source. Using sound baffles and fiberglass insulation, these acoustic room dividers can help keep conversations private and minimize distractions. Depending on how you have them configured in relation to the sound producer, the divider will absorb more or less sound depending on its configuration. While there is no truly soundproof partition available that will completely block all sound, our sound absorbing walls are an effective solution to dampening noise in any room.

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