Can Room Dividers Create A Soundproof Room?

Are Screenflex Room Dividers Soundproof?

When sound and visual distractions are a problem in your office or classroom, try using a Screenflex Room Divider. This new Screenflex video describes the sound absorbing properties of our room divider panels which will help you to create a quieter environment for you and your students.

In a gymnasium or classroom where there are less soft surfaces such as concrete painted or bare walls, sound tends to bounce off of the walls and floors and right back into the room. With Screenflex Room Dividers set up in a gym or classroom, sound is absorbed into the honeycomb core lessening noise and distraction.

This video shows how up to 65% of sound waves are absorbed into the divider and how a small amount of sound waves are reflected and go through the divider. Depending on the configuration of your room divider, your divider will absorb more or less sound. Take a look.

Video Transcript:

Hi, Steve here from Screenflex. If you are interested in Room Dividers, you are probably wondering how well they absorb sound.Well, no room divider is going to absorb sound 100%. You can tell by our cut away here that our panels are designed with sound baffles and fiberglass insulation on both sides of the panels to block as much sound as possible.

As you can see by this illustration, sound waves are both reflected and absorbed by our room divider. Depending on the height, length and configuration of your divider, as much as 65% of sound will be blocked from one side to the other.

In addition to being sound absorbing, our panels are also hinged from top to bottom with a piano hinge so that visual distractions are blocked 100%. The combination of sound and sight being blocked, adds to a very distraction free environment.

Thank you for watching.

For more information about the sound absorbency of our Screenflex Room Dividers, visit us on the web at:

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