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Portable Medical Privacy Screens Accommodate Patient Needs

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The Location

Medical Clinic

The Challenge

Patient Privacy

The Solution

Patient privacy is a huge concern in hospitals and other medical facilities. In the case of a localized mass outbreak of disease, this concern is especially prevalent. Many hospitals have contingency plans of where to put an overflow of patients. However, this could lead to distress in patients as they don’t get as much privacy as needed. To help them create their own space, use portable medical privacy screens by Screenflex.

Screenflex medical privacy screens allow medical professionals to adapt available space to the needs of each patient and to accommodate for proper healthcare equipment. Since Screenflex portable medical privacy screens roll on self-leveling casters, they provide more flexibility than hanging curtains which must be used in the same configuration. This unique caster feature adjusts to varying floor materials, door thresholds, and electrical cords. The casters allow the dividers to remain stable when moved throughout the medical center, opened for use, or closed for compact storage. The end corner casters lock in place for extra sturdiness. Tackable fabric also makes it simple to display signs and notices as well. To serve you better we have designed our medical privacy screens to store compactly in a 2′ by 3′ space.

Patient Privacy • Noise Reduction

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