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Room Dividers for Hotels and Partitions

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Hotels patrons view items displayed on a temporary wall

Hotels and Partitions

Commonly, hotels, inns, resorts, lodges, and motels need to divide certain areas of their facilities. These buildings need partitions on a daily basis.

They need to:

  • Display information in the lobby or other rooms
  • Create a meeting space
  • Make a private area
  • Partition a large ballroom into smaller sections
  • Block off a section for luggage storage
  • Hide a space under construction
  • Construct a bus station or temporary bar


Screenflex Room Dividers can do all this and more. The uses of partitions are endless in a hotel atmosphere. In the top picture, a Screenflex Standard Room Divider displays important information for a convention group staying at the hotel.

Screenflex Room Dividers can divide rooms, display and move from room to room. Many hotels use Screenflex Portable Partitions to make their buildings more versatile. Hotels need ballroom partitions to do all these things while blending the portable walls into their hotel decor.  That is why Screenflex offers 37 colored fabrics for you to choose from.

Screenflex Room Divider in a hotel to block off luggage

A travel group arrives at a hotel and the luggage storage area is not big enough. A Screenflex Partition is a perfect temporary wall to block off the unsightly luggage.

Screenflex Room Divider used to divide small area in a ballroom in hotel

A large ballroom in a hotel is sectioned off with a Screenflex Divider to make an intimate area. A Standard partition set up in a semi-circle creates the perfect atmosphere for an intimate dinner.

Screenflex Standard Partitions Divide Areas in a Hotel

Two small meeting areas divided up by Screenflex Standard Partitions. The bright color on the room dividers blends in with the hotel’s decor.

Additional photos of Screenflex Room Dividers in a Hotel setting can be found under Hospitality. If your Hotel or Resort needs portable walls, room dividers, display areas, accordion partitions or any type of hotel partition wall… Screenflex Portable Rooms Dividers is your answer!

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