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Art Show Display

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The Location

Verona High School

The Challenge

Create Portable Art Show Displays

The Solution

When it comes to an art show, display items are one of the most necessary products to bring. While taping paintings and drawings to the walls is an option, some schools maximize their space with portable displays. An art teacher at Verona High School wanted to do just that. As she was putting on her annual art show, this teacher wanted boards to showcase her students’ art. Ultimately, she went with Screenflex Room Dividers to enhance her shows every year.

Screenflex Standard Room Dividers create an excellent display board. Having an exhibit in the middle of the room also helps in controlling traffic flow. The 5-panel screens in the photos are 6’0″ in height, creating plenty of space for a showcase. All of the panels have a tackable Designer Stone colored fabric as well, making it easy to hang up artwork without damage to the dividers. These partitions rest on self-leveling casters that can glide easily over any surface, making set up and tear-down a breeze. Each corner caster also locks in place as well, giving it the perfect sturdy surface to withstand large groups of people. This school’s art teacher has told us how pleased she is with her partition for their yearly art show display and recommends them to anyone in need.


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