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Annual Art Show at a School

The Location

Hillel Day School

The Challenge

Portable Art Display Panels for Showcase

The Solution

If your school has an art show on an annual basis or more, your displays need to be long-lasting and reusable. While some schools may use bulletin boards or other tackable permanent walls, they may not be the best solution for every need. As an alternative, you can display your students’ art on portable and freestanding room dividers for more tackable space while managing crowd flow and room size. Hillel Day School, in particular, uses Screenflex portable display boards for their showcasing needs.

Our contact at Hillel School reached out to us when they needed more space to hang student artwork for their annual art show. Screenflex panels have a tackable fabric on them so customers can display items and remove them easily when the show is done without any damaging effects. These dividers can move to the desired location around the room to manage crowd flow and make a big room look smaller. Screenflex panels are also collapsible, so they can close compactly and store out of the way.

When asked about their dividers, the educators at Hillel Day School said, “They are durable, look nice, and are easy to move around. They were exactly what we needed to display student artwork!”


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