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Easily section off meeting rooms or large event spaces with Highpoint Anchored Folding or Sliding Dividers. These easy-to-maneuver and durable wall-mounted room dividers provide a cost-effective alternative to operable walls on a track system. Highpoint Dividers offer the option of retracting either by folding accordion-style or sliding into themselves, allowing you to customize your facility based on the specific needs of the space. For convention centers, arenas, hotel banquet rooms, or any other sizeable areas that need heavy-duty division, Highpoint Anchored Dividers provide a valuable asset.  

 Sturdy, Retractable Room Divider Walls for Heavy Duty Separation 

  • Available up to 12’3” in height 
  • “Sliding” option offers up to 15’7” in length 
  • “Folding” option offers up to 19’6” in length  
  • Twenty-three tackable fabric colors for displaying items and customization 
  • Sound-absorbing panels 
  • Minor assembly is required, no installation permit is necessary. 
  • Sturdy and lightweight for ease of mobility 
  • Sliding assembly instructions
  • Folding assembly instructions

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  • VBGE: Beige


  • VBLK: Black


  • VOCN: Ocean


  • VCLG: Cloud Gray

    Cloud Gray

  • VSLT: Slate


  • VRYB: Royal Blue

    Royal Blue

  • VPWB: Powder Blue

    Powder Blue

  • VCHG: Charcoal Gray

    Charcoal Gray

  • VNAV: Navy Blue

    Navy Blue

  • VWPB: Warm Pebble

    Warm Pebble

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