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Tackable Screenflex Dividers are Ideal for Storyboard Presentations

The Location


The Challenge

Manipulative storyboard

The Solution

Corporate and Small Business Storyboard Presentations

Storyboards are a project management tool in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence and used for organizing or pre-visualizing a project.  Today, many corporations and small businesses are using storyboarding as a way to visually convey concepts and messages to clients, employees, suppliers, customers, stakeholders, partners, and top executives.  Storyboards quickly and effectively convey what lengthy explanations are unable to do.

Screenflex dividers are perfect for displaying storyboard presentations.  Their lightweight construction, portability, and ability to use pins, staples, and tape on the surface. Then when they’re not being used, they can easily be stored in a closet or storage area.


Divide Office Space • Limit Distractions • Reduce Noise

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