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Improve Your Space Utilization With Room Dividers

Corporate-1-2-Room-DividersWe understand that corporate offices and facilities range in size from small to large.  But, regardless of its size, maximizing the use of your space is essential for peak productivity. Screenflex Portable Room Dividers are designed, developed and patented to provide a workspace that is comfortable, portable, and flexible.   With rolling room divider screens, transforming your office space, atrium, or cafeteria doesn’t have to involve a major upheaval.  Portable walls convert open space into private rooms, lactation areas, meeting space, or display areas in an instant and return to its original state in minutes.  Discover the space waiting inside your current facility.


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Office Partitions Offer Privacy, Dampen Sound, and Display Items

Whether you are hosting small meetings or orchestrating large events, Screenflex temporary office walls provide a private and quieter environment to enhance your experience.

Screenflex Office Panels Offer:

  • Compact storage: office privacy panels can be hidden in a corner in a 2’ by 3’ space when not in use
  • Excellent quality: Each office divider arrives fully-assembled
  • Durability and stability: The accordion-style office partition is stable and reliable.
  • Display surface: Tackable walls accept pins, staples, and tacks
  • Sound absorbing: When large space is divided into a small area, the movable partition absorbs up to 55% of ambient noise
  • Elegant appearance: Various fabric and vinyl finishes are available for the soundproof room divider, to compliment any interior design
  • Various applications: Conference rooms, offices, lactation screens, project planning board and so on

Screenflex portable partitions set up with ease and can be instantly recalled whenever needed, making it easy to switch setups for a variety of applications.