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Meeting Room Privacy

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The Location

Office Meeting Room

The Challenge

Create privacy for workers in an office

The Solution

Workers need privacy in every office space for daily meetings and activities. For this reason, having a meeting room with freestanding privacy walls can benefit any facility. As shown, Screenflex Room Dividers partially surround a table and chairs next to a screen on the wall. This space could easily accommodate a work meeting without disturbing people around them.

Screenflex portable partitions fold accordion-style, which helps create the ninety-degree angles shown in the photo. This shape enables you to make the appearance of a room without adding permanent walls. The optional swing-style doors add extra privacy to the meeting room while allowing an accessible walkway through the space. While this space is not entirely soundproof, the room dividers absorb excess echoes and help enhance white noise with their honeycomb core. If this office wanted to put signage on the partitions, they could do it quickly without damage to the panels since the fabric is tackable. When this space needs to be opened back up, the divider panels collapse into a compact 2ft by 3ft space for storage capabilities.

Ultimately, these portable dividers help adapt any office space for meetings, sound absorption, and any other workplace need.

Divide Office Space • Limit Distractions • Reduce Noise

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