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Flexible Collaborative Workspace

The Location

Collaborative Workspace

The Challenge

Open office space meeting solutions

The Solution

Today’s design concepts provide open space work zones for employees.  More and more employers are learning that within this space, it is important to create private pods for focused and intentional interactions for colleagues. Screenflex Portable Partitions allow you to create collaborative working areas to increase productivity, innovation, and creativity amongst employees. This is a fluid space, no need to make reservations. Anyone can certainly drop in anytime and create their own collaborative workspace. Afterward, the cycle repeats itself with new employees.

The portable partitions allow you to change the size of your meeting space or even your location with little effort. The walls roll on self-leveling casters to ensure a stable divider when in use or moving it into position. The corner casters also lock in place to maintain the desired shape. These screens fold accordion-style and can create a variety of angles. For example, the perfect right angles are shown in the picture. Position control hinges along the top help add to the stability as well. Teams can configure them in many different ways. Honeycomb paneling helps limit distraction by dampening sound. This feature creates the semi-privacy needed in team meetings or simply just solo work. Screenflex Dividers make an excellent addition to any collaborative workspace


Divide Office Space • Limit Distractions • Reduce Noise

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