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Dividers for School and Classroom Space


Screenflex Room Dividers help you manage your school’s facility by creating temporary classrooms and flexible spaces in popular and underutilized areas.

Our quality room dividers for school environments offer a cost-effective way to create a professionally designed classroom that inspires collaboration in a flexible learning environment.

Education Industry Uses

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Portable School Dividers for Education Settings, Colleges, Daycares, and More

Trends in school design fluctuate year to year. Yet, maximizing the use of your space for education stays the same. Administrators, teachers, and students alike will enjoy the versatility, and privacy our accordion-style classroom divider partitions provide. Divide a room into multiple classrooms with ease or create a variety of temporary wall configurations with our classroom dividers. Partitions form an “L,” “U,” cross, or curve shapes around desks. Connect two or more school dividers to make complex configurations or long continuous lengths. Merely walk dividers open, placing corners where needed. Your newly created educational spaces can propel your school towards future learning spaces while meeting the needs of different learning styles.


Choose between vinyl or fabric-covered portable classroom dividers to match your room’s decor or to accent any space with a splash of color! Fabric-covered school dividers are tackable for displaying school projects and artwork.

More Than Just Portable Classroom Partitions

Every one of our classroom dividers partitions is:

  • Extremely versatile- available in 36 sizes and 38 colors
  • Easy to move from place to place
  • Sound absorbent – Blocks up to 55% of ambient noise
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Tackable

Portable school room dividers help you; divide a room, create privacy wherever needed, cut down on room noise, establish space for before and after-school programs, make backdrops for guest speakers and musicals, construct a storage area.

All of our products are made from only the highest quality materials and are USA-made. Contact us today to find the best room divider for your space!