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Classroom Overcrowding: A Space Saving Solution

The Location

Overcrowded School

The Challenge

Cafeteria/Physical Education Space

The Solution

We repeatedly hear from our education customers that one of the issues they face is how to better use their facility space when they face overcrowding.  We created this image to demonstrate to our customers on how using a Screenflex Room Divider can help them better use their space.  We’ve identified that a cafeteria is only used for a small period of time throughout the day.  This space is often underutilized the remainder of the school day.  An opened Screenflex Standard Room Divider separates cafeteria tables and open areas to create a new classroom space to be used for physical education, reading instruction, tutoring, or physical therapy.  The fabric walls dampen ambient noise creating an ideal learning environment.  Tack, staple, or pin instructional items onto the school room dividers to enhance the education experience.  Portable room dividers are the best way to adapt your available space to the needs of the faculty and students with little investment.

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