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Music Room Dividers

The Location

Figaro Music Studios

The Challenge

Divide a Music Classroom into Two Halves

The Solution

Music can have the power to unify people. Creating music is a powerful skill that many would like to learn, yet only a small percentage of people know how to do it. Figaro Music Studios helps change this by teaching students how to play instruments such as guitars, pianos, etc. In a recent move to expand her classes, the studio’s founder was looking for a solution to have two courses at once. She reached out to Screenflex for their music room dividers.

By working with one of Screenflex’s Sales Consultants, she was able to find two Standard Dividers to fit her needs. As shown in the pictures, the two stand together to surround one area. In a multipurpose room of any sort, there need to be minimal distractions. These dividers help not only limit visual disturbances but auditory ones as well. Each honeycomb panel absorbs sound and softens unwanted echoes. Another significant detail in these music room dividers is the casters along the bottom. This studio only has 1000 sq ft to divide, and having portable partitions makes it easy to open the room back up when more space is needed. Screenflex Dividers are the perfect solution for any separation or acoustical need.

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