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Temporary Classroom Gym Space

The Location

School Gymnasium

The Challenge

Utilize Gym Space for an Overflow Classroom

The Solution

In a school setting, you never know what new changes need to be implemented at a moment’s notice. School’s student-teacher ratio varies every year, and classrooms always have adjustments based on the current need. In the case of an epidemic, additional teaching spaces are needed to prevent forming large groups. One of the best resources for a school in this scenario is their gym or another multipurpose room. By using portable room dividers, you can easily create a temporary and safe classroom to fulfill your needs.

As shown above, several Screenflex Heavy Duty Dividers shape this school’s gymnasium into compartmentalized workspaces. By placing freestanding walls around several tables, many small groups can sit next to each other at once. Our Heavy Duty Divider is one of our strongest products and can withstand a potentially high traffic area like a gymnasium. Not only does the divider rest on self-leveling casters, but dual-wheeled ones for extra stability. These partitions are also reinforced with gusset plates and an additional steel crossbar on the enframes. Since these portable walls bend at a 90-degree angle, they can easily create little rooms within a room. When your school needs extra space, try making a temporary classroom in the gym or multipurpose room.

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