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Collaboration Germ Barriers

The Location

High School Library

The Challenge

Create a Protective Collaboration Area for Students

The Solution

Even though libraries are traditionally quiet, most have designated spots within their walls for collaboration. These areas are generally more open in nature and allow people to work comfortably in a group setting. However, in the case of a disease outbreak, extra measures need to be in place to limit close contact between people. Without wearing a mask or other PPE, there are still ways to prevent contagion. For a safe option to continue student collaboration during an epidemic, try using clear germ barriers.

The Clear Dividers from Screenflex are excellent tools to prevent viruses from spreading. As shown above, these see-through walls help separate seating areas while still allowing communication through them. Students can continue to work together in small groups while sitting on opposite sides of the divider. Due to effortless portability too, students can move these dividers as needed. The plexiglass material is also easy to clean in between uses. If students would like to brainstorm ideas on it, these freestanding partitions are wet-erase compatible. These dividers are small enough to fit in storage when they are no longer needed and can be reused decades later. For the best prevention of germs when collaboration is needed, try Screenflex clear barriers.

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