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Divide Space with Ease with Screenflex Room Dividers

Room Dividers in Church Service


Alpine Chapel is a non-denominational Christian church in Lake Zurich, Illinois.  Alpine uses Screenflex room dividers to help break up their gymnasium and sanctuary while turning them into smaller spaces.  Alpine uses Screenflex on a daily basis. According to Valerie, one of the main reasons Alpine chose Screenflex is because we are easy to set up and easy to put away. Set up and clean up only requires one person.

One of Alpine’s larger ministries is Awana.  Awana meets every Tuesday from September through April. Ken Johanson the director of Awana shared some ways they use Screenflex.  Room dividers are used to provide smaller group settings and limit distractions when we use larger classrooms.  We split the space for Awana book time.  Screenflex dividers close off a side seating section of our sanctuary to keep our large group audience concentrated in our main seating area.  The use of dividers helps participants focus on the program and teaching.  For special events, we have used decorated dividers to create intimate settings and help create a themed atmosphere for learning.  The Screenflex dividers are flexible and meet a variety of needs in reshaping larger spaces to create the right size to accommodate learning experiences of all kinds.

Here are some other ways Alpine uses Screenflex room dividers:Room Divider creates a walkway in a church atrium

  • Lunch meetings in the gym
  • Dinner meetings
  • Sunday School
  • Coffee hour after the Sunday service
  • Occasionally used to help keep gym equipment hidden
  • Prayer groups

Thank you, Alpine for your support.  We look forward to serving you for many years to come.


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