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Whether it’s a classroom, crowd control walls, tricky lengths or a simple room division, our design staff are eager to create a FREE floor plan for you! With our company's roots in architecture, we know our product and it's capabilities better than anyone else. Browse our sample room plan library below to see simple one-room plans or complex multiple room plans. No matter the size, the custom plan will come with an accurate quote (including shipping), and there is never an obligation to buy. See what your space could be transformed into today!

Red Standard Room Divider in Many Configurations


A FREE custom plan based on YOUR specific needs is a great way to both save money and ensure you are getting only what you need!


Screenflex Room Dividers can be used to create as many rooms as you need.

The Importance of Room Planning

Layout and design plans are an essential element to achieving your space utilization goals.  Our design team provides 2D or 3D renderings demonstrating the correct size room divider needed for your space, the way the room divider will bend and turn, the relationship between the portable partition, furniture, and walls based on the drawings you provide.  Our design plans are free and come with a no-obligation quote of the room dividers suggested for your space.

Why is it essential to request a design plan?

  • Design plans provide a guide on how to best arrange your divider partitions to maximize the use of your space.
  • Renderings allow you to visualize your space in a whole new way and offer a clear demonstration of what can be accomplished with portable wall partitions.
  • Reduces the hassle and uneasiness associated with making a furniture purchase by ensuring the right purchase of the right size room divider for your space.
  • Allow you to communicate to co-workers the flow of the space when using a portable partition.

Our team will consider your budget and dividing needs when drawing up your plans so you can visualize one or more layouts.  Call today to receive your free room divider plan and start using your facility space in a whole new way.