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To see samples of plans done for other customers, select a number of rooms below.

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Consider this.. the same 240 linear feet of partitioning which create the eight 24'-0" x 24'-0" classrooms shown above can be stored in less than 50 square feet!
Our Screenflex architects will use their extensive experience in preparing a cost efficient space plan for you.

Working from your supplied sketch we utilize a dynamic software program to present our room dividers in your environment, taking into consideration your specific needs and budget.

To receive your free space plan, simply follow the directions below, using the Send-A-Sketch form included in the Information Kit. You can also download the PDF file of the form (located below) and print it out on your printer. It’s that easy!

Free Floor Planning Form

View a Sample Sketch

View a larger version of this representative sketch.

  • Sketch shape of area to be divided and include inside dimensions.
  • Locate doors, windows, columns, stairs, existing walls, etc.
  • Identify exit doors.
  • Indicate the number of classrooms needed.
  • Provide us with the age groups and number of persons per classroom.
  • Indicate which product line you would like to use (include desired height).

Your Plan in 3D

View a larger version of this representative

Once we have the 2D plan created, we’re able to render your layout photo-realistically in 3D, providing you with a virtual room divider experience. This always helps in your decision making process, and allows you to get an excellent feel for how Screenflex Portable Room Dividers can help you more easily manage your facility.

As you can see, we were able to work with this facility and give them the extra rooms they need. We would be pleased to prepare a plan specifically for your facility …for FREE!

Send Us a Sketch

Download the Send-A-Sketch Form

Download a sketch form

Download a sketch form

Screenflex provides you with a form that can help you create a plan for your new room dividers. Download the form. Print it out.

The Send-A-Sketch Form can be downloaded here.

Once you have filled-out the Send-A-Sketch form, fax it back to Screenflex at our fax number (847) 726-2990.

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