How Many Rooms Do You Need?

Two additional rooms at Edge Church

Two Corner Classrooms 3D

The good news is that the congregation of Edge Church was growing. The bad news is that they were out of Sunday school classrooms. What would they do? They also had a unique situation where they needed 2 more rooms for their nursery. However the licensed teacher in one room by state law needed to visually see what was happening in the room monitored by the hard working (but unlicensed) worker in the adjoining room. Once the administration learned of Screenflex Portable Room Dividers the answer … [Read more...]

Temporary Special Education Classrooms

Corner Classrooms With Doors 3D

One school customer needed additional rooms for their Special Education department. These rooms would be used three days per week. The rest of the time the school needed the room wide open. They found the answer by using a combination of Screenflex Freestanding Dividers and Wallmount accordion folding walls. The Wallmount accordion walls fold up against the wall for easy storage. … [Read more...]

Portable dividers at Monuments Church

L And U Shaped Classrooms 3D

Monument Baptist Church needed portable acoustical walls to create additional rooms for the growing ministries in their church. They needed various heights, lengths and also needed doors for their rooms within a room. They found the answer with Screenflex Portable Room Dividers. They also wanted the ability to have the Freestanding dividers move about the church as needed, but also be … [Read more...]

Clapton Church needs rooms

Two Classrooms With Doors 3D

One of Murphys most prevalent laws is that time required expands to equal time allowed! The good folks at Clapton Church are aware of this rule. Not to worry! They contacted Screenflex and described their needs. The attached plan was quickly created and the purchase of four portable accordion walls approved. Since the height, length and colors they needed matched those in our quick … [Read more...]

Unique shape room requires Screenflex

Adjoining Classrooms 3D

The builders of Living Word Lutheran Church created a unique and beautiful worship space. Accordingly, the footprint below the sanctuary was likewise unique in size and shape. How was the Christian Education Director expected to get the two additional rooms needed for Christian Education out of their very uniquely shaped room? The answer was easy, after they contacted Screenflex Portable Room Dividers. The attached plan was created after reviewing their needs. Soon after the plan was presented … [Read more...]

Two rooms using Simplex Dividers

Side by Side Classrooms 3D

The congregation at Capernaum Church of Christ had a nice problem. They were out of Sunday school space, but needed 2 additional classrooms. Their fellowship hall was 21 by 37, ample room to put the 2 smaller classrooms that were needed. How would they do it? They wanted portable accordion like walls which were acoustical and tackable. By using only 4 Screenflex Portable Room Dividers they accomplished their goal and created two new rooms which are both approximately 132 sq. ft. The dividers … [Read more...]

Two rooms in Music School

Two Classrooms From T Shape 3D

The Levine School of Music needed to create two separate practice areas in their large music room by using portable dividers. A musical block was very important. The school purchased two Screenflex Freestanding Dividers. Both are 88 high and are two different lengths. By setting up the acoustical portable walls in a T shape, the school created two practice rooms both of which are approximately 10 by 10. … [Read more...]

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