How Many Rooms Do You Need?

Screenflex helps at a “Start Up” Church

Seven Classrooms

Efficiency is a good thing. Many start up churches begin with building a single room once the funds are available. This roomcommonly called the multi-purpose room, needs to be used for many activities. It needs to be open for worship services, Easter. Christmas pageants, Awana programs, Sunday school classes and more. Obviously at times the room needs to be open for certain activities such as worship services and sub divided at other times such as Sunday school classes. In many, many churches … [Read more...]

Large Rooms for Large Church

Large Church Rooms

Mega churches have mega sized rooms and have mega sized needs for acoustical portable walls. Such is the case for Lake Point church. Their fellowship hall is approximately 8000 sq. ft. in size and needed to both be kept open for certain programs and divided into smaller rooms for others. By using several Screenflex Portable Room Dividers, the church administrators easily set up 7 rooms capable of holding 48 students each, and one which holds 96 students. The 7 rooms average approximately 24 wide … [Read more...]

Even Zoos use Screenflex Dividers

Odd Shaped Room

When the officials at a large Texas Zoo needed to create 7 classrooms in their educational center without breaking their budget or losing the integrity of the open space they need for certain programs, they turned to Screenflex for help. One of our more unique plans was created to accommodate their needs to create several rooms inside their educational center which they could set up or take down in minutes. The fact that the acoustical portable walls are tackable is a big benefit as well. The … [Read more...]

Curved Dividers used for classes

Curved Wall Plan

Unique partitioning needs call for unique room partitions to satisfy those needs. So when the congregation at dimension Church had a unique need they knew exactly who to call. Screenflex Portable Partitions created a room divider plan for them which utilize the unique flexibility of Screenflex Dividers. The church members not only wanted classrooms which are square or rectangular in shape, but also wanted two which were shaped in a semi-circle. Mission accomplished. Each panel of a Screenflex … [Read more...]

Six Foot High Divider for High Ceilings

Six Foot High Gym Dividers

Gymnasiums large and small are very popular rooms for Screenflex Portable Partitions. Our clients like the non-scuffing hard rubber casters and they believe that since the gym has such a tall ceiling, that tall dividers are the best, the logic being that a tall divider will do more to absorb sound in such an environment. Does a portable wall which is taller than 60 tall absorb more sound than one which is 60 tall? Of course. However in a situation with a very tall ceiling such as a gymnasium … [Read more...]

Charter Schools Utilize Portable Partitions

Charter Schools Use Portable Partitions

As charter schools become more popular across our country, they need a home to live in. Oftentimes this home is found in a large retail building that is for sale. These buildingsa food store or general merchandise store for exampleare wide open, except of course for the support poles. To properly create classrooms within these former big box stores, the administrators need acoustical portable partitions to help sub-divide the space. Sometimes floor to ceiling type dividers are considered … [Read more...]

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