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Curved Dividers Used for Classes

Curved Dividers Room Plan

Curved Dividers used for classes

Curved Wall Plan

Curved Dividers used for classes


Curved Dividers uses in the Classroom

Unique partitioning needs call for unique room partitions to satisfy those needs. So when the congregation at dimension Church had a unique need they knew exactly who to call. Screenflex Portable Partitions created a room divider plan for them which utilize the unique flexibility of Screenflex Dividers. The church members not only wanted classrooms which are square or rectangular shape but also wanted two which were shaped in a semi-circle. Mission accomplished. Each panel of a Screenflex Portable Room Divider is connected to the other with a full-length piano hinge for strength and stability. These hinges flex at 182 degrees each, thus making curved rooms very easy to create.

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