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Goal-Setting Boards

We all have goals in our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. You could have aspirations that “reach for the stars” or even just to plan out what you are going to have for dinner– None are too big or too small. So how do people consciously remember, chase after, and achieve these goals? There are many methods that people swear by, but the most popular and effective way is to write them down.

Why Handwritten Goals

Since computers have come along, they have increased the functionality of putting words on paper. While keyboards help with writing speed, some studies show that the longhand form helps with writing retention. Seeing what you wrote down in your penmanship creates a more meaningful connection to the copy, therefore making it easier to remember. In regards to goal-setting, this practice likens your objectives to be completed since they are always at the forefront of your mind.

Writing goals out by hand can also make them seem more achievable. When you process words that are in computer font or someone else’s lettering, it makes them seem impersonal. It’s easy to think of them as a script that is meant for that other person and not yourself. Writing down these goals in your own penmanship and phrasing tricks the mind to believe it is more achievable. Putting the objectives down on paper is the very beginning, and if you can accomplish the first step, you can feel inspired to fulfill them all.


Not only does handwritten goals have a substantial effect on your psyche, but also the way you phrase your prose matters as well. According to this article, an effective way to write down your goals is to stack them with another habit. If you have a daily habit, you then add another practice in conjunction with that one, either before or after it takes place. For instance, if your goal is to drink more water, you could say that you will drink a water bottle before you eat a meal. Since you are already eating every day, you would merely be adding another step to that pre-established habit. The complete formula for how to write it down is: Before/After I do (old habit), I will do (new habit). This action of stacking habits together makes you set an achievable goal by breaking it into realistic smaller steps.

Goal-Setting Boards

Lady in black tshirt writing the word goals on a white dry erase board.

Ever hear of a vision board? Many goal-oriented people will have an erasable board somewhere in their house where they can see it every day. On these boards, you write your goals down and usually a game plan for how to achieve them. If the goal is to increase your income by 20%, you write down the exact amount you want to earn and the steps it will take to get to that point. Sometimes goals are more qualitative too. For instance, if the goal is to live a happier life or to enrich the relationships closest to you, then it would fall under this category. Write down the target, whether qualitative or quantitative and make sure to keep it in front of you.

Dry Erase Surfaces

The surface that you write on is up to you, but nothing seems to be quite as efficient as a whiteboard. Depending on which whiteboard suits your needs the most, there are a few Screenflex products that can help with your goal planning. The Whiteboard Dividers are made from non-porous dry erase material, making them easy to clean when the goal planning or brainstorming needs a revamp. These double-sided dry erase boards come in either 1 or 3 panels for maximum writing space. The panel’s surface does not peel or flake, giving it decades of repeated use. Professionals in the corporate or teaching world typically prefer these Whiteboards for not only goal-setting and planning but also for various brainstorming activities as well.

If you are looking for something similar that you can post pictures on to make the vision board complete, the Dry-Erase/Tackable Divider can also be beneficial. This divider can have any combination of dry-erase panels and the tackable ones. If you want to post pictures up of your dreams and goals to visualize them, this tackable surface will make it easier for you.

Achieving your goals and aspirations can be daunting. While there is no one-size-fits-all action plan for everyone, writing them down on your goal-setting board can help you begin the process and ultimately help you succeed.

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