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Free Standing Wall Divider Increases Classroom Dynamics

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It’s already July, and back-to-school season is just around the corner! Soon enough, the warm summer nights will give way to cool autumn days, and students will be headed back to spend their days learning in a classroom. If you’re an educator, you are probably already in preparation mode for the upcoming school year. Part of that means ensuring your curriculum is prepared, but it also means arranging your classroom space in a way that will cultivate a healthy and fun learning environment for your students.

Student artwork displayed on an eleven panel room divider in a school library

That’s where Screenflex comes in. Here are a few ways that we can help you maximize your classroom using our portable room dividers and related products.

  1. Classroom Division

The typical classroom can vary in size but is almost always rectangular in shape. Sometimes that is great, but sometimes it could be more efficient to divide the space with one or more room dividers. For example, if students are in groups working on different projects, dividing the room can be a great way to minimize distraction and cut down on some extraneous noise. Or, sectioning off a corner of the room to create a quiet, comfortable reading nook is a fun way to encourage students to read during free time.

  1. Display Area

Do you have limited wall space? Our portable display towers can be used for displaying student artwork or research projects. This is a great option as display pieces can be changed on a regular basis without causing damage to the panel or fabric. Since the portable display towers are on wheels, you can keep the display in the classroom or easily move it to the library or cafeteria for a gallery display!

  1. Event Partitions

Portable room dividers can even be used outside of the classroom for school events, such as assemblies, parent-teacher conference nights, or after-school programs. For example, the panels can easily be moved to divide a large gymnasium into smaller sections where students can play basketball on one side or volleyball on the other.

Keep in mind that you can completely customize your portable room dividers with your school colors or even your school logo. With our portable room dividers, the possibilities for your space are endless, and we look forward to helping you maximize your classroom this fall.

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