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How Much Space is Between the Bottom of the Room Divider to the Floor

Stabilized Portable Room Divider Design

Locking Corner CastersCaster clearance along the bottom of the divider is 5″ high on our Standard, Heavy Duty and Wallmount models. The clearance on the Light Duty room dividers is 2 7/8″ high.

We kept the space to a minimum.  We wanted to block as much sound and visibility as possible.

Knowing that no floor that is perfectly level, the Screenflex engineers have equipped all Standard Portable Walls with self-leveling casters. These casters “read” the dips and rises in the floor much like the shock absorbers in your car… ensuring safe and stable operation. The casters are made of “non-marking” rubber and feature ball bearing technology. All of these innovations combined mean your Screenflex portable wall will glide effortlessly across the floor.

Each of the four corner casters is self-leveling, locking, non-marking, have a combined load limit of 600 lbs., and use ball bearing technology. All of these combined features mean your Screenflex portable walls A wooden rulerwill glide effortlessly across the floor.

If you ask yourself what is the most stable thing you can think of, you would likely say either one of the pyramids or a mountain. The fact that they are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom gives them remarkable stability because they are not “top heavy.” The Screenflex end frame is designed in this same fashion not only to provide the most stable portable walls on the planet, (US Patent # 6892784 “STABILIZED PORTABLE ROOM DIVIDER” ) but also to provide clear vision when moving the divider.


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